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Cats and Bypass Pipes

Exhausts, Cats and Bypass Systems
Nouvalari-USA Add-Ons

People have always wanted more power for their cars and Nouvalari has found it. The original equipment converters on most cars flow very poorly (at least by our standards). Baffles inside the stock converters reduce airflow dramatically and create power-robbing heat in the engine.

Nouvalari Bypass Cats fix this problem with their stainless steel, spiral enhanced, wrapped cores that flow within a few percent of a straight pipe. They will offer you all the performance of removing the converters without the numerous legal headaches.

Nouvalari-USA is proud to offer the finest in high-performance emissions control equipment.

Nouvalari Bypass Converters are custom designed and manufactured exclusively from 100%, T-4 stainless steel. The superior flow and increased performance over spiral enhanced tubes, with a polished outer shell, supplies the look and performance every enthusiast deserves.

We have over 70 years combined experience building and fabricating bespoke test pipes, bypass cats, manifolds and exhausts.

Nouvalari Catalytic Converters allow up to 30% more airflow than your vehicle’s OEM converters. This increase in airflow greatly increases horsepower, which will definitely place a smile on your face as you’re slammed back in your seat. If your vehicle is equipped with a “high-performance muffler,” it’s capacity is only as good as the converters which feed it. Whether you’re replacing your old rusty cats, which problaby weigh a ton, or are looking to upgrade the performance of your car, there is only one logical choice….Nouvalari-USA!!!

For any questions you may have regarding these Nouvalari “add-on” items or our custom, exhaust system packages, please go to our Contact Us page to fill out your details.


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