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At Nouvalari-USA, we take our customers satisfaction very seriously. All companies say it….WE MEAN IT!. Below is a small example of the testimonials from our customers. Contact us with any questions and when you become a Nouvalari-USA customer, you too will see why our customers and friends say what they do.

I am writing to congratulate you on an excellent Mk VI Bentley exhaust that I have just had the pleasure of fitting to Mr Hughes' car. I have been in the motor trade for twenty years and have fitted a wide range of exhausts on all manners of vehicle. I think that the precision of your systems are the BEST I've seen and that includes genuine, OEM systems too. Mr Hughes' purchased a mild, steel system from another company and requested that I fit it for him. To say that I was appalled at the state and quality, was putting it mildly. It was returned as, "not fit to be seen on any car," let alone a Bentley! I have tried in the past to fit poor exhaust systems and spent many expensive hours cutting, re-aligning, re-bending and re-welding such systems. I had never seen one of your stainless-steel exhausts but when it arrived, it was immediately apparent to me that this was workmanship of the highest standard. When fitted, I road tested the car to check for the exhaust knocking or touching anywhere, it did not. I did not need to re-align anything - it was PERFECT! The sound was right as well - not the usual stainless pipe, "ring and rasp." All the quality and only slightly more money than that useless mild, steel system! Very WELL DONE!!! Mr. A.N mk-vi Bentley 2008 Thanks for the new exhaust system - the quality is excellent and well packaged. Good value for the price!!
Mr. D. Russel 2006
I love the way it fits AND Sounds!!!!!!!!!!! Great choice!!! Thanks!
Steve, USA
2000 Ferrari 360 Modena February 2010
Thanks again Glenn, The exhaust is simply fantastic! I am not good with sound clips so you will have to take my word, it is the best sounding V8 I have ever had and I have owned 20 Ferraris.
I Heard this 348 over the weekend with the (Nouvalari) exhaust. Outstanding!! The sound is like nothing (else) I have ever heard, like a Ferrari F40!
Dave, Ferrari 348 Berlinetta
Qualty-Sound-Value and LifeTime Warranty--You Can't Lose !!
Just took the horse out of the stable for its first drive of the season with the my new Nouvalari sport exhaust!!! The sound is unbelievable!! Even at highway speeds the sound is still so loud and just growls the whole ride! Never mind when I drove through the Ted Williams tunnel, felt like the tunnel was shaking! Thanks guys, the best exhaust system by far!!!
Leonard M.
Glenn, I just recieved the exhaust, it looks great! I am going to install it in the next day or so and I will let you know how it went, btw that was super-fast shipping!!! A Few days later...It sounds AMAZING!!! Thank You!!
Anthony, Dartmouth
Nova Scotia, Canada
I ordered a Sport System from Nouvalari...very helpful (service) and fast delivery. It looks and sounds stunning, and is much lighter than the original! I would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of buying an exhaust, even ones that are two or three times the cost!
Simon, Ferrari Owner
1993 Ferrari 348GTS -- June 2010
The best exhaust for a 612 or 599. For the guys with 599 who want their exhausts louder this is the ticket--sound is perfect and has all the correct noises you want. For the 612 guys--tried all the exhausts--ALL of them--this is the best sounding on the market--better than the HGTC and GTS that come on the later 612's. I initially ordered the exhaust which we installed and was a little too loud and also had a drone. Called up Glenn explained the issue---they rebuild it sent me a new exhaust and it is perfect. Took the 612 on a FCA ride and drive where others commented on how great the sound was. I cannot be more pleased with the quality, sound, and service from the team at Nouvalari . In my opinion it sounds better than a Tubi or Capristo and at a lot less cost…. It's a win, win all the way !
Garrett G in Calif. April/2011 612


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